Sunday, June 19, 2011

Georges Briard Owls Glassware Set Brings Back Eames Memories

Sometimes it seems I find things in 3's. When I was visiting in Japan the family that hosted a dinner at their home shared that the number 3 was very lucky in Japanese culture so I am hoping these "on the rocks sets " I have found in the past few days will bring some luck to me and to those who purchase them.

Is there anyone else out there that grew up during the Eames era that remembers all the owls? Well I hit an estate sale of one such collector. Owls, owls and more owls but it was this glassware set by Georges Briard that caught my eye. It sparkled like a jewel amongst all the other owls. The gold is worn here and there but the glasses themselves are mint. And to go with them I picked up the cute little toothpick holder pictered below.

Georges Briard Glassware Set of 6 can be purchased HERE! SOLD

Little Ceramic Owl Toothpick Holder may be purchased HERE!