Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Dinner Party In A Box Knowles and Libbey Head the Table

Knowles Festival Dinnerware

Sometimes when I'm out and about I find this that and the other in dinnerware and glassware. It's not hard for me to imagine how one of those things would look with another of those things but know for some that can be a challenge. Then it hit me! Why not do a little mixing and matching to come up with an extra special dining experience. What about putting it all together to create a "Dinner Party in a Box". For the first Dinner Party in a Box I combined 4 wonderful Knowles Festival dinner plates and bowls with 4 Libbey wine glasses in tawny brown. I added a gorgeous pair of Danish Modern sculptures for the center piece along with a candle holder and it became a "Dinner Party in a Box".

This unique Danish Modern styled Dinner Party in a Box is available HERE.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

"The Shop" a Consignment Store in Fremont Indiana


I want to share The Shop with you. For the past year I have occasionally stopped in to this homey little shop in Fremont IN and it has come along very well. The owners have done a wonderful job cleaning the place up and outfitting it with the best used stuff I have seen in a while. The Shop has all kinds of items for sale including fresh floral arrangements with the current holiday theme. The prices are just as nice. The Shop features many items for that vintage decorator in Shabby Chic and Country Cottage styles.........but don't stop there they also had some nice Mid-century Modern pieces tucked away here and there. So if MCM is your thing don't hesitate to take a drive to Fremont, Indiana. And....pssst, pssst there are 2 full size Paul McCobb headboards for Calvin framed in stainless steel just waiting for you there. They are open Thursday-Saturday from 10-5 and on Sunday 12-5. And don't forget to tell them, "hello", from the Garage Sale Archeologist.

The Shop
700 E. Toledo
Fremont, IN 46737

ENAMEL KITCHEN TABLE for sale at "The Shop"

MIKASA Fine China for sale at "The Shop".

EARLY AMERICANA furniture for sale at "The Shop".

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Morgantown Glass Cocktail Set From the Decor Line

Sometimes you see something and you know your in the presence of Mid-century Modern greatness. This is a cocktail pitcher, six glasses and stir stick by Morgantown Glass Company from their Decor Line period. The color is "Steel Blue", although it looks more like a smokey bluish gray. Morgantown Glass Company was established in 1899 by Frank Bannister. From 1958 to 1971 Morgantown produced a line known as the "Decor Line" and pictured a fine example from that time period. The Decor Line features sleek modern design with a rainbow of colors offered for everyone's taste. The company was purchased in 1965 by Fostoria Glass Company which closed them down by 1971. Russel Wright designed a series of glassware for them called American Modern which was sold to compliment his American Modern tableware from Steubenville Pottery. In 1961 Jackie Kennedy ordered a line of crystal stemware for the White House. After that the line was known as the President's House.

This Morgantown Cocktail Barware Set is available for sale HERE!


Sunday, August 14, 2011

Murano Art Glass

Alfredo Barbini For Cendense Murano Art Glass Fish Bowl circa 1950s for sale HERE!

Murano Art Glass Green Vase with Calla Lilies for sale HERE!

Ferro Toso Murano Art Glass Bowl with copper flecks for sale HERE!

Ferro Toso Murano Art Glass Bowl with Gold Flecks available for sale HERE!

I am very new to the world of glass and glassware but have always appreciated glass pieces I see at sales but rarely purchased. As I become more comfortable with glass I have become more comfortable with taking a risk. Italian Murano art glass pieces have always fascinated me as an artist and I am especially drawn to the Mid-century Modern pieces from the 50s and early 60s. After World War II the Murano artists focused simple minimalist, functional design. Prominant artists of the time were Seguso, Santilona, Scarpa, Barovier, Bianconi, Zuccheri, Chrivi, Martinuzzi, and Barbini.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Here's Looking At You!

Using my one eye hypnotic stare down technique while I sit by my empty mid-century weiner dog cast iron food bowl so she'll notice it's empty.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Georges Briard Has Dinner At Henredon's Circa '60

My favorite part of summer is dining on the porch of our little cottage in the woods. We have a mere 400 square feet of living space so without the porch this kind of dinner may not be possible.......or could it. The best part of this great Henredon Circa '60 dining room table, manufactured in the late 50's, is it's ability to go from a table for 10, (there are 2 more leaves), to a very tiny drop leaf table only around 20" wide. It's perfect for that small apartment or duplex dweller that likes to entertain. Add a few pieces by Georges Briard and soup and salad becomes a dining event.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Milo Baughman Thayer Coggin Sofa

This is a classic Milo Baughman sofa made by Thayer Coggin in 1971. Thayer Coggin has long been known for their quality furniture and sleek modern designs. Milo Baughman had a long and fruitful relationship with Thayer Coggin. From the Thayer Coggin website:
"Milo Baughman (1923-2003), was a pioneer in modern design and one of the leading modern furniture designers of the second half of the 20th century. Baughman was brought east from his native California by Thayer Coggin in the 1950s to design the first lines for his collection of related upholstered groups. Baughman's uniquely American designs were forward-thinking and distinctive, yet unpretentious. The relaxed and timeless quality of his furniture created a ready and consistent response and his highly influential work continues to be collected and reinvented and revived by designers around the world. Paramount to Baughman's design philosophy was that good design is enduring design. Baughman's characteristic restraint does not permit the look of mere novelty to enter in. Rather, he achieved a look that is uncompromisingly modern, but which never violates the timeless standards of classic good taste. "

The sofa is free of stains and no tears or rips. There is a very small thread pulled in the fabric on one cushion. It's not noticeable at all..It's pretty clean but one should have it cleaned as I would suggest for any piece of vintage upholstery. SOLD

Monday, August 1, 2011

Back To School in Garage Sale Style

Gosh almighty it's August 1st and almost time for young people to head back to school. If I had a choice of my favorite rooms to design and pull together I would have to declare that to be the college DORM room. Now if I could just figure out a way to market that successfully. When you think about it a student will spend 6-7 months a year in a tiny 12 x 16 foot room so why not get the most comfort from the space and the best prices. It doesn't take much money to pull off a very relaxing, fun, young adult, all in one space living area that shows off one's individuality at a great price point. Every year I watch young people purchase all kinds of brand new microwaves, mini fridges, rugs, alarm clocks and other dorm room essentials brand new and spend a fortune. Why? All of these items are available at garage sales, thrift shops and consignment shops. Save your money for a few fun things and purchase your appliances, furnishings and electronics used. Trust me every year someone with all these wonderful items graduates from college ready to sell them cheap. Chairs and love seats can often be picked up inexpensively and in the college town you are living in. Check Ebay and Etsy for a few hip vintage items to add a little ambiance. For just around $200.00 you can have a completely well outfitted dorm room but more importantly you'll have a home for at least 7 months.

Pictured is a vintage college pennant trash can representing USC, Oklahoma, Iowa, Army, Illinois, SMU, Pitt, Cornell, Holy Cross, State, Kansas, Michigan, Missouri, Georgia, California, Oregon, Florida, Tulane, Northwestern, Texas, Indiana, Tenn, Maine, Penn, Navy, Kentucky, Alabama, Notre Dame, Virginia, Dartmouth, Purdue, Yale, Stanford, NYU, Minnesota, North Carolina, Washington, Princeton, Harvard, Columbia, Ohio and Wisconsin. This is exactly the fun kind of piece that makes a dorm room unique.

The garbage can is available for purchase HERE!