Monday, February 22, 2010

The Definition of Archaeology

This definition comes from Wikipedia.

"Archaeology (sometimes written archæology) or archeology (from Greek ἀρχαιολογία, archaiologia – ἀρχαῖος, arkhaīos, "ancient"; and -λογία, -logiā, "-logy") is the science and humanitythat studies historical human cultures through the recovery, documentation, analysis, and interpretation of material culture and environmental data, including architecture, artifacts, biofacts, and landscapes. Archaeology aims to understand humankind through these humanistic endeavors. In the United States the field is commonly considered to be a subset of anthropology, along with physical anthropology, cultural anthropology, and linguistic anthropology, whilst in British and European universities, archaeology is considered as a separate discipline.

Archaeology involves surveyance, excavation and eventually analysis of data collected in order to learn more about the past. There are various different goals to the discipline, including the documentation and explanation of the origins and development of human cultures, understanding culture history, chronicling cultural evolution, and studying human behavior and ecology, for both prehistoric and historic societies.Indeed, archaeology is particularly useful in discovering information about human Prehistory, which comprises over 99% of total human history, due to the lack of written sources for this period and the full reliance on archaeological evidence. However, alongside this it is also used to investigate more recent history, even that reaching back only a few decades."

It's just that some of us prefer doing our archeological digs in someone's garage.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Stainless Steel Lives

How could I not fall in love with this piece? To me it is less a chafing dish and more a sculpture. It has a small dent on the side but it's still breathtaking. What a gorgeous Danish Modern serving piece and in stainless steel so it will blend well with a contemporary kitchen. It's available on EBAY.



ondue is the best thing that ever came back around. Sets like these can often be found at garage sales and thrift shops. Warm up those winter nights with a little melted chocolate on anything.

Here's a little tidbit on fondue etiquette from Wikipedia.

"As with other communal dishes, fondue has an etiquette. Most often, allowing one's tongue or lips to touch the dipping fork will be thought of as rude. With meat fondues, one should use a dinner fork to take meat off the dipping fork. A "no double-dipping" rule also has sway: After a dipped morsel has been tasted, it should never be returned to the pot. In Swiss tradition, if a nugget of bread is lost in the cheese by a man, he buys a bottle of wine, and if such a thing happens to befall a woman, she kisses the man on her left."

Monday, February 15, 2010

Etsy My New Home

I have found the prices very reasonable at Etsy for most vintage items. Not only will I buy there I will sell there. Don't worry Ebay I will keep you for the larger items but the bottom line is Etsy is a happening place.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

It's Not Julia Child's French Bourguignon and That's Ok

snowed in and when we're snowed in I cook! I can't say I love to cook but I love too eat so on these snowy winter days I like to try something new. I had about a pound of left over roast and toyed with the idea of making soup but that's boring and I was in need of exciting! It was time to check out that crock pot I purchased at a garage sale last summer for $5.00. Like I said I don't especially love to cook.......but when I do I want the best cookware. So today I made French Beef Bourguinon in my crock pot. I also used my Calpholan pot for the noodles.


The Beef Bourguignon simmered for 4 hours filling the house with such a wonderful smell that our little dog thought she might just be in heaven instead of in a middle of a snow storm! Good food can come from a garage sale! Who knew?


came across a garage sale a couple of years ago and found a huge box of Calpholan pots for sale for $30.00. It had 3 different frying pans, 4 dutch ovens and 2 sauce pans. I had so many pans I gave a couple to my adult sons for their own kitchens.