Wednesday, February 10, 2010

It's Not Julia Child's French Bourguignon and That's Ok

snowed in and when we're snowed in I cook! I can't say I love to cook but I love too eat so on these snowy winter days I like to try something new. I had about a pound of left over roast and toyed with the idea of making soup but that's boring and I was in need of exciting! It was time to check out that crock pot I purchased at a garage sale last summer for $5.00. Like I said I don't especially love to cook.......but when I do I want the best cookware. So today I made French Beef Bourguinon in my crock pot. I also used my Calpholan pot for the noodles.


The Beef Bourguignon simmered for 4 hours filling the house with such a wonderful smell that our little dog thought she might just be in heaven instead of in a middle of a snow storm! Good food can come from a garage sale! Who knew?


came across a garage sale a couple of years ago and found a huge box of Calpholan pots for sale for $30.00. It had 3 different frying pans, 4 dutch ovens and 2 sauce pans. I had so many pans I gave a couple to my adult sons for their own kitchens.

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