Monday, August 1, 2011

Back To School in Garage Sale Style

Gosh almighty it's August 1st and almost time for young people to head back to school. If I had a choice of my favorite rooms to design and pull together I would have to declare that to be the college DORM room. Now if I could just figure out a way to market that successfully. When you think about it a student will spend 6-7 months a year in a tiny 12 x 16 foot room so why not get the most comfort from the space and the best prices. It doesn't take much money to pull off a very relaxing, fun, young adult, all in one space living area that shows off one's individuality at a great price point. Every year I watch young people purchase all kinds of brand new microwaves, mini fridges, rugs, alarm clocks and other dorm room essentials brand new and spend a fortune. Why? All of these items are available at garage sales, thrift shops and consignment shops. Save your money for a few fun things and purchase your appliances, furnishings and electronics used. Trust me every year someone with all these wonderful items graduates from college ready to sell them cheap. Chairs and love seats can often be picked up inexpensively and in the college town you are living in. Check Ebay and Etsy for a few hip vintage items to add a little ambiance. For just around $200.00 you can have a completely well outfitted dorm room but more importantly you'll have a home for at least 7 months.

Pictured is a vintage college pennant trash can representing USC, Oklahoma, Iowa, Army, Illinois, SMU, Pitt, Cornell, Holy Cross, State, Kansas, Michigan, Missouri, Georgia, California, Oregon, Florida, Tulane, Northwestern, Texas, Indiana, Tenn, Maine, Penn, Navy, Kentucky, Alabama, Notre Dame, Virginia, Dartmouth, Purdue, Yale, Stanford, NYU, Minnesota, North Carolina, Washington, Princeton, Harvard, Columbia, Ohio and Wisconsin. This is exactly the fun kind of piece that makes a dorm room unique.

The garbage can is available for purchase HERE!


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