Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Morgantown Glass Cocktail Set From the Decor Line

Sometimes you see something and you know your in the presence of Mid-century Modern greatness. This is a cocktail pitcher, six glasses and stir stick by Morgantown Glass Company from their Decor Line period. The color is "Steel Blue", although it looks more like a smokey bluish gray. Morgantown Glass Company was established in 1899 by Frank Bannister. From 1958 to 1971 Morgantown produced a line known as the "Decor Line" and pictured a fine example from that time period. The Decor Line features sleek modern design with a rainbow of colors offered for everyone's taste. The company was purchased in 1965 by Fostoria Glass Company which closed them down by 1971. Russel Wright designed a series of glassware for them called American Modern which was sold to compliment his American Modern tableware from Steubenville Pottery. In 1961 Jackie Kennedy ordered a line of crystal stemware for the White House. After that the line was known as the President's House.

This Morgantown Cocktail Barware Set is available for sale HERE!


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