Wednesday, June 15, 2011

C. Miller 1957 Carafe with Warmer

This is a piece by C. Miller circa 1957 and the stopper has been repaired. I have seen several of these carafes minus the stopper available for sale at the same price without the warmer. I am taking a chance on it. This begs the question would you buy a piece with a small bit of damage? In the case of the stopper, it is a separate piece that may be replaced . Therefore, I made the decision that it has potential beyond the repair. It's not often, almost rare, to have the warmer still in tact. That alone is worth the price of this set.

It's available for sale HERE!

Here are a few tips on detecting ceramic or porcelain repairs. First: don't be alarmed by "crazing". These are small fine cracks in in the glaze and should not be restored. Always look closely at the crazing, if there are inconsistent areas or sections that show no sign of crazing there is a possibility of a restoration and further examination may be needed. Second: run your fingers along the edges and on the surface to check for chips or other subtle changes in the object that may indicate a repair that isn't easily noticed when looking at the piece. Third: a cracked piece will not ring like a bell when lightly tapped. You don't have to tap hard, a light tap with your finger should give an indication if there is a crack. This is especially helpful on opaque ceramic pieces. Fourth: hold the piece up to the light. This is a great way to view delicate porcelain pieces for flaws.

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