Saturday, June 11, 2011

NE Indiana Lakes Garage Sales

Today we ventured to NE Indiana where the wonderful folks at Lake Gage and Hamilton Lake had their annual garage sales. We set off to Lake Gage in the fog and rain in hopes of locating some forgotten treasure. It wasn't as busy as it had been in past years but as always the people were hospitable and many deals available. The delightful little garden arrangement in the top photograph was nicely done and thought it may give someone with a small garden space some inspiration. I struck out on the vintage items but did manage to buy an old Notre Dame poster from a man who played football there back in the day and so did his son that graduated in 1996. Since my oldest son also graduated from there we had a nice chat and they gave me first pick on one of the old posters. It should bring a smile to my son's face the next time he visits.

After we finished at Lake Gage we headed to Hamilton Lake where I think everyone in Fort Wayne had converged upon. It was a bit crazy and I gladly gave out directions to several lost city dwellers. I found one vintage swag lamp at a trailer park. It'll need some cleaning up before I share it. I snapped this garage sale sign pic on the way to a sale just outside of town. We met a delightful elderly couple from Ireland. We traded some stories and the older gentleman shared some definite ideas to me about the Brits. No big finds and didn't see any guns for sale but lots of fun memories.

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