Saturday, October 8, 2011

Strombecker Mid-century Modern Doll Furniture

Strombeck 8" Doll Sofa 1950s available HERE! Still available!

Four Strombeck 8" Doll Kitchen Chairs available HERE & HERE! SOLD

Oh if I was only 8" tall and made of plastic I would so love relaxing on this cool set of retro Strombecker Mid-century Modern furniture set. Just not going to happen.


  1. In the blogger preview I thought the sofa was life-sized! What wonderful doll furniture, it would be fun to have a MCM doll house to fill with tidbits like this set.

  2. The first time I saw it pictured online I thought the same thing. I actually passed up a midcentury wooden Strombecker ranch at a garage sale earlier this summer. Now I could just kick myself.