Saturday, October 15, 2011

Size Matters for Blue Decanters


When it comes to marketing a product visually, size matters. A shopper must be able to quickly distinguish the size of any item for sale. Size is the reason why you will see so many Ebay and Etsy sellers include a coin with the item they are selling. It may not be an attractive look but the buyer can quickly distinguish a size through visual comparison. In the first photo of the decanter I failed miserably at sharing the size. The decanter looked more like a perfume bottle then a 13" liquor decanter. The solution was simple, include an item that the buyer can use to visually determine the size. In this case I was able to locate 2 small shot glasses, that oddly enough, seem to match the decanter. I also included a large silver tray to better define the shape and color of the decanter itself. The shot glasses serve the same purpose as a coin. Now the buyer can quickly determine size.

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