Sunday, January 16, 2011

Live Auctions versus Online Auctions

In the winter I enjoy going to an occasional auction. Live auctions are exciting, the people interesting and the finds outstanding. The only drawback is the time involved. Depending on the size and volume of items you can spend several hours at an auction waiting for an item you're interested in to come up for bidding but the prices are usually worth the wait. In the winter the crowds seem to be smaller and less competitive. I purchased this gorgeous salad bowl and condiment set last weekend at an auction. This item made the auction worth my time and effort. It appears to have never or rarely ever used.
Online auctions can also be exciting, the people interesting, and the finds outstanding. You can bid from the convenience of your home. The main draw back is that you're competing with a world audience and can drive prices up beyond your pocket book. I have found many great items on ebay but I have also made a price point that I do not go over when I purchase. I don't purchase items for resale but for personal use. The best auctions are from sellers who either don't know to put the manufacturer in their listing or have misspelled the manufacturer name in their description. So if you're looking for a specific item try a broader search.

The salad bowl set is available for sale HERE!

* If you're looking for a live auction close to you try AuctionZip!

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