Sunday, January 9, 2011

America's Continental Can Company

Made in America!


Every once in a while I come across these great old Americana pieces that remind me of the days when we were manufacturing giants in the world. This is an old enamel can cup made by Continental Can Co. for their annual picnic in 1935! According to the Harvard Business Library the Continental Can Company was founded by T.G. Cranwell in 1904, three years after the formation of its greatest rival, American Can Company.

The company bought the Standard Tin Plate Company in 1909 to ensure that they would have a steady supply of tin. Continental's original business consisted only of packers' cans for fruits and vegetables. Given the seasonal nature of this work, the company decided to expand to general canning in 1912. By 1913 the company had acquired all of the interests of a New Jersey corporation also called Continental Can Co., as well as the Export & Domestic Can Co. and the Standard Tin Plate Co. The same year, Continental was incorporated in the state of New York.

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