Saturday, January 1, 2011

Christie's Great Estates and sellModern Take Me Away!

If money and location wasn't a problem where would you live? It's a restless winter afternoon so it's time to let the Internet take me away to a different place and a unique space. The Internet allows us to check out what the inside of that cool house, condo, mansion, brownstone or loft looks like and we don't have to leave our own home. This can be a great way to get some interior design ideas from some of the finest interiors in the country.

My favorite place to go to a virtual open house is
sellModern. Not only do they feature some of the most unique homes in the country their site also features a Contemporary Design Magazine! The images and information offer inspiration for those of us who are fascinated with modern design and architecture. You may not find items here that are in a garage sale budget but it can give you the tools you need to make the right purchases for that look you're seeking on a budget.

Now if you really dream big, and I mean gargantuan, check out some of the most fabulous homes and estates around the world at Christie's Great Estates. I wonder if any of these people ever have garage sales??? If they do I am so there.

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