Monday, January 18, 2010

Oh Atomic!

Today's garage sale finds were all about the ATOMIC ERA! According Wikipedia in the 50's, "the phrase gained popularity as a feeling of nuclear optimism emerged in the 1950s in which it was believed that all power generators in the future would be atomic in nature. The atomic bomb would render all conventional explosives obsolete and nuclear power plants would do the same for power sources such as coal and oil. There was a general feeling that everything would use a nuclear power source of some sort, in a positive and productive way, from irradiating food to preserve it, to the development of nuclear medicine."

All of the items purchased today come from those glorious carefree 1950's and since we all know I am a certified lampaholic this little plastic tripod lamp was a fab find. Perfect for any Mid-century, Danish Modern or Atomic room. Not a bad find at the local consignment shop.

Who could resist this sweet little plastic orange watering can? It's almost a sculpture in its own right and it works. The color was sure to brighten any indoor gardeners life in the 50's.

Lastly this a complete set of 8 tumblers or highball glasses. They are absolutely stunning with classic Atomic designs over the surface. It took a little digging to find all of these treasures but in the end it was worth it. And the price???? :) Check all of these items out on ebay because the prices were that good: Atomic Lamp, Atomic Pitcher and Atomic Tumblers!


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