Monday, September 14, 2015

The Kingdom of the Story Garden Fairy Haven

The Saga of the Kingdom of the Story Garden began 27 years ago when my oldest son was having a bit of trouble with sibling rivalry with his one year old brother. We made up a story with characters and adventures that included 2 young princes, a kingdom, a wise old sage, a butter-fairy,and a miniature dragon. Oh and I can't forget the ogre and his dark knight. There's always a villain. As the years went by the story grew and his brother also took part in it. I began to sculpt the characters out of clay and we built a garden at the base of an old tree. They could play and have their adventures outside in the back yard. We have moved a couple times since that first garden but the Kingdom of the Story Garden will always remain a part of my garden. The current garden is comprised of careful stacking and layering of houseplants. When fall comes the plants return to their spots inside the house.

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