Sunday, September 13, 2015

Building a Fire Pit With Tough Love and a Little Muscle.

Once again I've neglected this blog but as you can see I've been pretty busy this summer building a fire pit.We moved to a new home last year. The house is in relatively good condition but the yard had been neglected. Once again we found ourselves a little tight on cash to do all the things we wanted but as we looked around we discovered we had most of what we needed to build a comfortable fire pit right here on the property. The main item we needed was a fire ring the rest was muscle and lots of tough love for our new home. There were several overgrown garden areas that we disassembled and used then re-purposed the materials for our fire pit. It also helped that the former owner had acquired a rather large rock pile in the dog kennel. I used a two wheel dolly to move the rocks and pavers. I began thinking I could do all this myself but about half way through I called in my husband who helped finish adding the pavers and the back wall. Amen for the help.

Bring on those cool fall nights!!!

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