Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Vintage Style Putting It All Together

So you've made the decision to  to liven up your digs but you don't want to throw it all out. By selecting one or two newer items and using a little color theory you can make that dull room sing a new song! The easiest tool you can invest in when you're making a change in your decor is a simple color wheel and a little knowledge of how it works.  Look at the colors you have now and consider a few accent pieces in a complimentary color scheme, (colors that lie across from each other on the color wheel), or a set of analogous colors, (colors that lie next to each other on the color wheel). In the photos above I'm using blue and orange dabbled with a little green and a the neutral color brown to work together. Blue and orange lie across from each other on the color wheel and the green apples and pops of green in the painting lie next to blue on the color wheel. The browns add warmth and brings together a truly natural set of hues. You can make your room sing again with just one or two new pieces, just check the color wheel and go shopping on Etsy. Whether your budget is big or small you'll be able to create a fresh new look in a snap.

The items pictured in this post are all available for sale on Etsy! Below is a list of the item and the shop they are in. Check them out. It may be just what you're looking for. Happy Shopping!!

Frank Koci Painting available for sale at Viva Estelle

Mahogany Wood Bowl available for purchase at Lunch Lady Vintage


  1. Love it so much....the aqua chair is to die for! Hard to believe that mahogany and sterling bowl was found under 3 years of heavy gloss black paint!

    Beautiful selections and a great feature!

  2. Sometimes the most amazing things are under 3 years of heavy gloss black paint! Great find. :)