Saturday, August 17, 2013

Naturalism The Emerging American Style

Edward Wormley
Every once in a while when I'm out thrfting I'll run across and old magazine filled with Mid-century Modern eye candy. This weeks find was by my husband who has also picked up the bug for old magazines, House Beautiful November 1950. It's always interesting to compare Mid-century American style to current trends in design.  In the 50s Americans began to embrace a new philosophy about the design of their homes and the furnishings within them.  In this issue there was a wonderful article about a then emerging furniture designer Edward Wormley.  His use of materials was meant to enhance his pieces own inherent nature. Wormley's focus on nature was evident in colors and patterns. The designs Wormley created during this time embodied a realistic approach to the living problems associated with the current times. American Modern became a vital design force in the 50s as people changed in values and attitudes of current lifestyles.

Social forms and habits change and so must we as designers. American taste has re-emerged as a movement focusing on naturalism once again. We want open spaces, lots of light, clean crisp design, a relaxed lifestyle at home, healthy foods and plenty of exercise. Our homes should and do reflect a retreat from our busy days at work. In that design Americans are seeking out to include pieces that reflect the past but work for today. Including a few vintage pieces in our homes brings brings us back full circle to the lifestyle we once embraced as Americans in the 1950s. A return to Naturalism.

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Edward Wormley on Etsy by Vintage Looks

The Garage Sale Archeologist

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