Monday, September 5, 2011

Empire Sofa Makeover Can Suit Any Style

As most of my family knows I really don't have a favorite style. I just like style. This old Empire sofa hasn't seen it's potential for the 21st century. Overall it's in good usable condition but the previous owner tried to reupholster it herself. With all of these minor flaws and a little creative ambition and this old sofa could fit well with any decor. Imagine a little work on the wood and some bright new fabric and it becomes that modern piece everyone will talk about. Imagine it in a different fabric and it becomes that cozy cottage chic sofa that everyone wants to snuggle up on in the coming moths. Or leave it the way it is and admire it for the way it was. No matter which style you prefer this sofa is available for sale at a price that you can use your imagination and make it what you want, in your style. it's scheduled to go on sale this evening.