Monday, September 12, 2011

Dan Baird Snack Set

Wow is this Mid-century Modern snack set cute!!!! As I go through the process of hunting out the best in vintage Mid-century items I am always ready to learn something new. Today I discovered Dan Baird glassware. His designs are bold, high contrasting explosions of color with bright red crowns set in the middle of black convex glass plates!! You cannot go wrong with this set on your table for the holiday entertaining season. This set is a fine example of the L.J. Houze convex glass company and probably produced in the 50's. Houze Glass was in business for 102 years in Point Marion, Ohio. The company was sold in 1954 and closed its doors in 2004. Dan Baird was one of several artists Houze produced glass pieces for. for additional information on Houze Glass check this article Memories of Houze glass continue to shine.


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