Sunday, April 3, 2011

Kendallville Indiana & the Brass and Silver Punch Bowl Set

I usually stick to thrift shops, garage sales, auctions and estate sales but with winter as long as this one has been we decided to head out to Kendallville, Indiana for a day of antiquing. They have been hard hit by the recession and I wasn't sure how many of the antique shops had survived. When we arrived we were glad to see several were still there but some were gone. There are 2 very nice antique shops, 1 vintage shop, 1 large used furniture/thrift shop and a used clothing store. I purchased this gorgeous punch bowl set in brass and silver from the smaller vintage shop. The price was right and the owner was in need of a sale so I bit. I have not been able to find a makers mark but I am guessing it's Indian. I found the identical set on Ebay for 250.00 with an appraisal of over 1000.00. I am not sure if the pricing is accurate. The only difference was that the set I purchased has silver plating on the insides of the cups and includes the dipper. I don't have this set available for that price. I'm keeping it reasonable just as the dealer did for me. It's available for sale HERE.


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