Saturday, April 23, 2011

Gold Arnels Pheasants

This is a beautiful pair of vintage Arnels pheasants. They are gold with a distinct orange fleck overall. I was very excited to find them but when I got home and inspected them closely I found a good repair to the tip of the male pheasants tale. It's not noticeable but to a collector it could be a deal breaker. I do a pretty decent job of looking over an item prior to purchase but I missed this one. The repair blends in perfectly with the rest of the piece as it has an overall cracked and rough texture to the piece. Blends in so well that it does not distract from the piece at all. It's for sale but if it doesn't go it'll make a great centerpiece for our teak dining room table at our chic woodland retreat! I never buy anything that I wouldn't use myself. It's available for sale HERE and priced accordingly.


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