Saturday, December 25, 2010

A Thrifty Elegant Christmas Garage Sale Style

Christmas time doesn't need to be costly or stressful if you plan ahead, after all Christmas arrives on December 25th every year! So lets take a quick garage sale recap in room number one. The Hitchcock Limited Edition Christmas chair was purchased at a garage sale last spring for $20.00, the decanter set was purchased at a flea market for $25.00, the coffee table was $25.00 from a second hand furniture store, the leather sofa for $100.00 from Craigslist, the rug was $15.00 from a garage sale.

In the kitchen the maple table was $5.00 at a church rummage sale, the lamp was $10.00 from a summer garage sale, the white linen table cloth was purchased at an estate sale for $10.00 and the large silver punch bowl was bought at an outdoor flea market for $20.00 and was complete with silver cups! I made the Christmas tree centerpiece out of construction paper and crayons.

In the dining room this beautiful maple Hitchcock dining room set complete with 6 chairs and a large hutch was purchased for $250.00, the cake plate is made by M.Z. Austria and was about $25.00, the small green glass bowl was .50 from a garage sale, the gorgeous hand tatted linen was $5.00 from a local antique shop, the sculpture and watering can in the background were also garage sale items. The Lemon Cake was made by my son and it's priceless.

So don't break the bank but do celebrate this blessed day with ease! Merry Christmas!

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