Friday, October 8, 2010

M. Z. Austria Cake Plate

When the holidays come around I go from sandals and t-shirt barbecues to elegant meals and parties. This M.Z. Austria cake dish has seen more of those holidays then me. Moritz Zdekauer ran a porcelain factory in Altrohlau, Austria which is now Stara Role, Czech Republic.Moritz Zdekauer purchased the company in 1884, and its porcelain pieces were marked "MZ Austria" until 1909, when C.M. Hutschenreuther of Hohenberg, Bavaria, Germany, took over the firm. Collecting this type of porcelain piece has declined in the last few years making it an affordable porcelain investment. Irregardless of whether you put it in a china cabinet or serve your best cakes and brownies on it the plate is a reminder of all those holiday events 100 years ago. It's available for sale at the very reasonable price of $27.99 HERE.

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