Thursday, October 28, 2010

Forgotten Names & Their Treasures

Last summer we stopped at a large barn sale organized by several church ladies. There was home made cookies and brownies and tons of stuff everywhere in the old barn they had rangled someone into letting them use for the sale. In the back was a pile of crocheted twin sized coverlets. They were marked $5.00 each. A great buy for such beautiful handiwork. It was obvious someone had spent a great deal of time making them. There were at least 8 coverlets in all different colors. Years in the making. After going through them all I selected this one because of the vibrant reds, greens and golds. I couldn't help but wonder who had made all of these beautiful treasures that were being overlooked by so many that day. I approached the church ladies with my find and asked them if they knew anything about who had made them. One of the ladies told me they had been made by an elderly woman at the nursing home where she had worked. She couldn't remember her name but she said she rarely had visitors and once she passed away her family didn't want the coverlets she had so carefully created. Every time I look at this treasure I smile and think of the woman with the forgotten name and am grateful to have found her beautiful treasure.

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