Sunday, July 25, 2010

Pop Culture, Collectibles & The Campbell Soup Kids

The Campbell soup label has to be one of the most recognizable labels emanating from the later part of the 20th century. Andy Warhol made it the icon of American Pop Culture and Americans made the Campbell Soup Kids part of their family. They've changed a bit through the years, even slimming down but they're still the symbol of "mm mm good". Campbell Soups first collectible was issued in 1905. Since then thousands of different items have been produced. America's fascination with collectibles hasn't seemed to wane even with a recession. The question is are collectibles an investment or just for fun? Is it common or rare? As always the market is driven by demand. Remember when old comic books where the rage? Only the rarest of issues have maintained any value now. What may be in demand today may not be in a couple of months. Americans are fickle creatures. It's all about time. None of us can predict the future so if you purchased collectibles like baseball cards, Department 56 Christmas Houses or Campbell Soup items enjoy them, use them and be prepared for their second coming. You really can't go wrong when you invite the Campbell Soup Kids into your home.

You can purchase the Campbell Soup items pictured HERE. SOLD I have yet to find this bread box anywhere online which leads me to believe it's not so common.

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