Thursday, July 29, 2010

A Koi McCoy or Roseville Jardiniere

I'm not a McCoy or Roseville collector and have only admired most jardiniere's from the distance but I recognize an uncommon piece when I see one and this is one. I found this gorgeous koi/fish jardiniere just down the street at a garage sale this morning. I believe it dates to the 30's but have found only a few references to this mold on the Internet. A great find for only $5.00. The antique dealers were a little jealous when they arrived a few moments later to see it in my arms.


  1. This jardiniere is a Roseville. I've always wanted a Roseville piece.

  2. Would you consider parting with it (selling). Would $150 seem reasonable (2900% profit)? My kitten just broke one identical that was something of a family heirloom and I'd very much like to replace it.

    Thanks for considering the offer!