Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Hip Square Sweaters & Wools

Hip Square Sweaters & Wools
Sometimes I just need to break out and do something different and Hip Square Sweaters & Wools is just the ticket. When I'm out and about at garage sales I often find pre-owned or vintage sweaters that still have years of wear left in them. A good quality sweater should last longer then one season. Wool or wool blend sweaters seem to hold their colors and stitches better then most and now that most modern washing machines have a "hand wash" cycle it makes owning wool sweaters much easier. Aside from that you cannot beat the warmth. Where I work it tends to be on the cold side and I have learned that wool sweaters are definitely warmer then any other. This is how I came to start a new shop on Etsy, called Hip Square Sweaters & Wools.

What is a "Hip Square"?

A hip square is someone who doesn't want to be defined by current "popular" trends in fashion. They want more then what the stores are pushing at the mall. Hip squares prefer not to be defined at all. They want choices and that's exactly why they prefer vintage attire. Hip squares want fun clothing for work and play that last a long, long time.

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