Sunday, December 9, 2012

Stetson China Company Marcrest Pine Cone Dinnerware Service for 8

This isn't exactly a "rare" set but it is difficult to come by so I was delighted to locate a service for 8 minus one coffee cup saucer. Perfect for any time of year and available for sale HERE! SOLD


  1. I just found a set of 15 plates , 8 cups and saucers and numerous bowls, etc of the Marcrest Stetson Pine Cone dinnerware. What should I ask for it?

  2. Hi, Stetson (the manufacturer) and Marcrest (the distributor) sold 2 similar versions of this pattern. The one featured is called Misty Pine (STT38), and the other is called Pine (STTPIN). Both are pretty common, so $25-$30 would be a fair price if the set has minimal crazing, cracks, or chips.