Friday, February 10, 2012

Atomic Jeannette Glassware Set

It was a beautiful day in the Midwest yesterday so my husband took some time off from work to take me for a long car ride. He drove me over to Bryan, Ohio. It was great to just to watch the landscape roll by. What a great mental health treatment. It was good to be out of the house and doing what healthy people do. Once we got there we looked for a place to stop and take a break before we returned home. We saw a consignment shop in town and pulled over. This great glassware set with 13 tumblers was in the basement.  The building currently houses a consignment and thrift store called "Sacks Thrift Avenue". Love the name. The stuff in the basement was all the discounted items and this set was calling to me. It was pretty dirty but I could see it was in great condition so I snapped it up. It was a nice 20 minute break and hope to return there when I am up to it. This set is going to be used at dinner party in Ann Arbor tomorrow evening and the amazing thing is that there are going to be exactly 13 people. The set was made by Jeanette Glass Co. and was a gift to customers with a premium gas fill up. 

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