Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Time for Life

Seth Thomas Lucite and Marble Alarm Clock

Sometimes you have to take a chance and have a little faith that it will all work out. I came across this little Seth Thomas alarm clock a few weeks ago. A couple of knobs were missing on the back so you couldn't set the time or the alarm but it ticked when wound. My wonderful husband made a trip to the local jeweler and with a little hunting in an old clock parts box they came up with 2 knobs. This little clock runs like a top. Time is ticking away with each minute. It just took a little faith. It's a reminder that we should all slow down to appreciate the good minutes. This little clock will be my reality for the months to come and I will appreciate each minute that passes. I will hope some of those minutes go fast so this time next year I can slow down my little mid-century Seth Thomas clock. For now my goal is to keep it ticking.

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