Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Treasure Mart Ann Arbor MI

Summer thrifting isn't complete until you have visited The Treasure Mart in Ann Arbor, MI. Opening in 1960 The Treasure Mart is at the TOP of my list for recycled and reuse items for sale on consignment. It's three floors filled like no other consignment shop I've been too and the prices were on spot. Maybe not as good as garage sale prices but certainly below antique shop prices. No sooner was an item picked up for purchase and another item replaced it. It was hard to keep track of how fast it was all moving. If you're headed towards Ann Arbor point your car towards Kerry Town and take some time to stop at The Treasure Mart!!


  1. I LOVE The Treasure Mart!!! I have some wonderful treasure from there!

  2. I'm already planning to go back!!!