Sunday, May 1, 2011

Chiiori House Iya Valley

In 2001 I visited Chiiori House with a group I was traveling with. The owner, Alex Kerr, was a great help to us by bridging the cultural gap we weren't even aware existed. Silly us. Alex was a great host and I'll always remember our conversation on the bullet train while we on our way there. We discussed that this was probably the only moment we'd ever talk and may never have this moment again. He was right. It was a wonderful evening and at the end of the evening Alex did a gorgeous calligraphy. I still have the green tea we picked at his neighbor's home that is wrapped in a sheet of his caligraphy. If you visit Iya Valley, Japan this 300 year old farm is a must to see. I found this video on Youtube. Enjoy!!!!

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