Saturday, February 5, 2011

Vintage Clothing Store Fullfills Your Wishes

It's always fascinating to learn about other people who have a lifelong connection to thrifting. Today I'm going to share a story about a wonderful vintage clothing and accessory store found on Etsy called The Wishing Wardrobe. The shop curator is Molly Phoenix located in Tucson, AZ. Molly's love for vintage came about when she became responsible for purchasing her own clothing on a budget 20 years ago. She worked at Goodwill for 4 years in the 90's and from there graduated to estate sales. Below are some of her responses to the questions I asked.

Q: How did your background help you become a vintage clothing expert?

A: I also worked for Goodwill in the early 90s for 4 years before heading back to college. I was responsible for sorting, filling orders and working in the retail shops. The amount of AMAZING vintage that has passed over my lap is remarkable. The job for Goodwill was training for having my own shop. That was almost 20 years ago and there are a few pieces I still have. My favorites are a black knit cotton tam, a turquoise leopard print scarf and a 1950s black empire waist rayon dress that still fits! The most amazing piece was the dress that matched that scarf. I get teary eyed thinking about its tragic fate. Imagine layers of 7" silk flapper fringe from waist to floor and a turquoise leopard print bodice with glass beaded spaghetti straps...:'( Trust me it was a doozy. In the end it was Accidentally left in a train station in Seattle.

Q: Do you have a favorite clothing era?

A: I like all eras of vintage for myself. I prefer to mix it into my wardrobe rather than going with a head to toe look from any one era, unless it's a special event. I am a sucker for textures, wool, velvet and velor. Tailored suits, wide legged slacks, knickers, party dresses and scarves for every slender spot: ankles, wrists, necks and head.

Molly began selling on Etsy in 2006 when she wa seeking a place to market and sell her stain glass work. She branched into vintage clothing using her background as a catalyst to locate and sell unique clothing and accessory finds. Show some love for this wonderful Etsy seller and visit her store.


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