Friday, August 27, 2010

Good Garage Sales Always Have A Story

The best buys at any garage sales always come with a story. I found this mint condition Japanese tea set at a moving sale. They were an elderly couple in the midst of downsizing to a smaller place. When I asked the gentleman about the tea set he shared that his wife had a story behind it and he took me over to her. I recognized her from some place but couldn't quit put my finger on it. She shared that she had purchased the set when she was 18 years old in San Francisco. She was on a youthful adventure as many were in 1965 and had visited a small shop in China Town. So many years this set had graced her Danish Modern home and now she was parting with it and her memory to embark on a new journey. I promised it would make it to a good home. It can be purchased HERE.


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