Friday, April 20, 2018

Vans Custom Culture 2018 WE ARE IN IT TO WIN IT

Edon Northwest Local School District is a small rural community in Northwest Ohio. Edon is primarily a farming and small industrial community. I am the only art teacher in our school district and teach grades K-12. Our parents are very supportive of the school and want their students to have access to a well-rounded education that is inclusive of the arts. However, our pocket books cannot always support those wishes. In general our graduating class averages between 35-45 students. We really need your help with the online voting for this years Vans Custom Culture shoe re-design contest. We were fortunate enough to be selected as one of the 500 schools nationally to apply! Now we have made it into the top 50 schools that will be participating in this years ONLINE VOTING that starts on April 23rd through May 4th. Wahoooo! Two of my wonderful art students gave their time, talent, and energy to create these fantastic designs for the competition so that our school would have the chance to win $75,000.00 for the art department! This is a big deal for our little town and we'd be able to do amzing things for our students!  If you love what you see head on over to 

Vans Custom Culture 

and vote for Edon High School! 


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